After doing some preliminary research about the qualification you’re looking for you’ll probably have a few questions.

  • HIRE A COMPANY. Usually, if you hire a company (Tree of Life Homecare, LLC) to do the work,  the company will send over qualified workers and be in charge of paying them. It will also pay employment taxes and have insurance coverage to protect you in case of worker injury or damage to your property. (Ask for proof of this insurance.)
  • HIRE A WORKER THROUGH AN AGENCY. If you want a skilled professional but don’t where to look, or want one already individually vetted by a third party, you can hire through an agency. You may be able to pay the agency directly, in which case the agency will be the actual  employer and will cover insurance, handle employment taxes and pay the workers.
  • HIRE AN INDIVIDUAL. If you want to screen and select your own service provider, pay and negotiate directly, and direct the person’s work, your best bet is to hire an individual. As we’ll explain below, you have more obligations as the employer if you elect this route.


If you hire an employee, you may have to comply with state and federal laws regarding paying at least minimum wages and in most instances will have to have to pay overtime, as well as paying (and filing) federal taxes, including Social Security, state unemployment, and providing workman’s comp insurance.